[INTERVIEW] Kim Bum (2)

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10: You've appeared in a pretty wide range of dramas since your debut. Was there a particular moment that was a turning point for you?
Kim: I appeared in “East of Eden” four times, from episode two to five, but that took over half a year to shoot. There was a jump time-wise between those episodes, but I lived as my character Lee Dong-chul for nearly seven months. My first appearance in episode two and my last in episode five, felt like they were different people, so that was particularly memorable. And especially when I was shooting my last scene, I had a hard time getting out of the character and I was worried about how I should choose my next role. I still have a lot of affection for Lee Dong-chul and I worked with really great senior actors, so I think I learned the most from that drama.

10: You didn't shoot that many scenes in “Eden”, but you succeeded in making a lasting impression in the beginning. You got rid of your cute image and played a very desperate-looking character. From your early years, you seem desperate and hard-working in whatever you do.
Kim: I’m enjoying myself quite a bit while working. Do I look too desperate? (laugh)
10: Where do you get such strength?
Kim: I really hate losing -- it’s in my nature. And more than anything, when I look at the eyes and actions of people who believe in me and support me -- like my family, fans and staff -- I can never do anything half-heartedly.

10: When one starts acting or enters the entertainment industry at a young age, they get stressed or get lost as time passes. How is it for you?
Kim: I don’t have time to get lost. (laugh) And I don’t want to get lost. I wouldn’t call it getting lost, and I do want to travel and enjoy school like other people my age. But I chose this life, so I think I have to get rid of the desire for freedom. I think it’s the only way. So far, I have never regretted it, not once.

10: Then what do you usually worry about?
Kim: Well, mostly about work. Is that too boring? (laugh) Especially for “Dream”, I was the last to join among the actors so I had the least time to prepare compared to others, and I had to concentrate as best I could the shortest time possible. So I worried a lot about that. These days I worry about how I should get out of my previous character and into the character of Lee Jang-seok.
10: Last year, you enrolled in the Movie and Theater Department at Joongang University. Is it possible to lead a life as actor and student?
Kim: I think it is difficult to do two things together, so I’ve taken this semester off for now.

10: Are there any dreams you want to achieve through “Dream”?
Kim: Just like an actor has people working hard for him behind the scenes, such as managers or stylists, an athlete and a sports agent are also dependent on each other and inseparable. I hope the drama is able to show you well about how they overcome many obstacles together and gives the viewers a sense of dream and hope. And I have never won anything at award shows so it’s my personal wish that the drama “Dream”, not me, wins one. (laugh)

10: You’ve been working steadily as an actor. Is there anything you are interested in doing and wanted to do more of?
Kim: I want to try directing, if opportunity arises. I don’t want to do it just because I think I have the advantage as being an actor. It's my dream to prepare really hard and seriously for it and direct anything, such as an indie or movie or play. All my friends are acting majors, so I think it would be great to do one together.

Reporter : Choi Ji-Eun
Photographer : Chae ki-won
Editor : Jang Kyung-Jin
Editor : Lynn Kim
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