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Hallyu star Song to promote Korean tourism

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Hallyu star Song Seung-heon [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean Wave star Song Seung-heon will act as Korea's promotional ambassador for tourism, according to a press release on Tuesday.

The actor and two other Hallyu stars, actors Park Eun-hye and Park Hye-jin, participated in a PR campaign for the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), the statement from KTO said.

The actors started by recently shooting four mini-movies with Chinese actors Gao Yuanyuan and Li Guangjie to publicize Korean culture, according to the statement.

From left, Korean actors Park Hye-jin and Park Eun-hye and Chinese actors Gao Yuanyuan and Li Guangjie in a PR campaing for Korea Tourism Organization [Korea Tourism Organization]

The PR movie was directed by Korean filmmaker Ryu Seung-wan, known for "Die Bad" and "No Blood No Tears", who attempted to maximize the beauty of Korea's travel locations through four themes.

For example, for the 'food' theme, the spicy taste of Korean food was depicted in the movie by showing fire fighters running into a restaurant where customers' mouths were on fire from the spicy food. Other themes delivered in the movie were 'Hallyu', 'shopping' and 'sophisticated culture'.
The online and offline advertisements for the campaign also broke the usual mold. Instead of directly introducing Korea's travel locations, all types of ads -- newspaper, magazine, billboard, online ads -- were produced in the form of teaser videos and movie posters.

"China's tourism market is growing 20 percent every year and, in a few years, will be Korea's biggest tourism market," said the global marketing director Kim Bong-ki at KTO. "Through this campaign, we will achieve competitive advantage over countries like Hong Kong and Japan."

So far the campaign appears to have succeeded, with the campaign website reportedly visited by over 100,000 people a day since its initiation in September.

From left, actors Gao yuanyuan, Song Seung-heon and Li Guangjie in the KTO campaign [Korea Tourism Organization]

Reporter : Kang Seung-hun
Editor : Lynn Kim
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