Lee Chang-dong's film "Life" to open Oct 29

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"A Brand New Life", produced by acclaimed Korean director Lee Chang-dong, will open in theaters on October 29, according to the movie's production company.

Now Films on Thursday announced the date for the film in which Lee participated as a producer and was written and directed by French-Korean filmmaker Ounie Lecomte.
"Life", a story about a young girl who is abandoned by her father in an orphanage, was inspired by Lecomte's own childhood.

Award-winning actor Sul Kyoung-gu and Koh Ah-seong of smash hit film "The Host" star in the movie. Child actor Kim Sae-ron who plays the lead role, became the youngest actor to attend the Cannes Film Festival at which "Life" was first shown this year.

Lee has directed the award-winning "Oasis" and "Secret Sunshine", which won Best Actress (for Jeon Do-yeon) at Cannes in 2007. Lecomte makes her directorial debut with "Life".

Reporter : Lynn Kim
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