XIA to launch world tour with repackaged version of "Tarantallegra"

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XIA [C-JeS Entertainment]

XIA [C-JeS Entertainment]

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K-pop trio band JYJ's member XIA is planning to take his solo concert to the Americas and Europe.

Having finished the two-month-long Asia tour, XIA has decided to meet a wide range of fans by visiting North America, South America and Europe, according to C-JeS Entertainment's press release Monday.
C-JeS' C.E.O Back Chang-ju explained that the company has been receiving countless number of inquiries from overseas production firms regarding the artist's plans to hold concerts in different regions as well.

"XIA's 'Tarantallegra' has been targeting the global market from the very early production stage. We've produced the cutting-edge music video aiming for XIA's overseas activities as well," C-JeS' C.E.O Back Chang-ju said in the statement.

To meet the hype of his fans abroad, XIA will be visiting two to three cities in each continent with the repackaged version of "Tarantallegra."
The officials said the forthcoming release has been added with a new single sang in English and its English music video will be shot there with renowned American producers joined.

"The album's title song 'Tarantalegra' was a sensational attempt differentiated from the conventional K-pop music style. Its music video has also been highly rated from the American staffs too. The fact that a solo artist is holding a world tour itself is proof of his international popularity," an official from the firm in charge of XIA's concert in North America was quoted as saying.

XIA, whose name is Kim Junsu, is a member of singing trio JYJ. Not only is he known for his works in K-pop music but as a musical actor, with his lead roles in "Mozart," "Tears in Heaven" and recently in "Das Musical ELISABETH."

"Trantellagra," dropped on May 15, had recorded itself as the second best-selling album in the country in May.

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