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On the set of INFINITE's "Saturday Freedom" show

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INFINITE members (from left to right) Dong-woo, Hoya, Sung-jong, Sung-kyu, Woo-hyun and Sung-yeol on the set of KBS' "Saturday Freedom." [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

INFINITE members (from left to right) Dong-woo, Hoya, Sung-jong, Sung-kyu, Woo-hyun and Sung-yeol on the set of KBS' "Saturday Freedom." [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

"You are currently looking at three horses." What INFINITE's Sung-jong said was true. The puppies that used to dig into the lap of the members of INFINITE were nowhere to be seen in the boys' house where the shoot for KBS' "Saturday Freedom" was taking place. There were only three Jindo dogs galloping about the living room like three horses -- the abandoned brothers and sisters Tofu, Nooroongi and Coco, 'ToNooCo' in short -- who had spent the last three months with INFINITE. They goofed around with the members of INFINITE or the show's crew while they prepped for the shoot and proved they were healthy by smashing into the walls of the house with their endless energy. And of course, they also did their business here and there in the living room but Sung-jong would appear like the savior, cleaning up after them like an expert and would cry out "Sit!" after getting water for them to drink. Sung-kyu pampered the trio who attacked him when he was sitting in the living room absent-mindedly and Sung-yeol was busy calming them down from how aggressive they had become after playing with them. Then just when everybody was about to lose their minds, producer Lee Tae-hun remarked, "It's just something we go through all the time."

The members of INFINITE then showed their individual personalities and good chemistry with each other while talking about producing a public campaign on abandoned animals. When Sung-kyu, who had led the discussion with various ideas said, "They may say to each other, 'Isn't their singing really bad?' when we go off to fulfill one of our schedules," Woo-hyun quipped in, "Maybe they say, 'Sung-kyu just sleeps all the time.'" And the conversation came to life when Woo-hyun pulled in the quiet Hoya after calling him the "bank of ideas." Yet the member who stayed busy tending to the carefree ToNooCo who went about causing accident was Sung-jong. No wonder he is their favorite. Dong-woo who set forth "amazing ideas" and Sung-yeol who suggested they collaborate with A PINK, joined in with ToNooCo after having kept their eyes on them. Like so, INFINITE and ToNooCo were exactly alike in terms of their carefree spirits. Yet this also means the day that they will part due to ToNooCo's adoption is drawing closer. The last story of ToNooCo who received much love and interest of INFINITE will show on February 11.

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